RazorIT Named Third Best Web Design Company by for April 2013

00:25 Thursday Apr 18, 2013


The independent authority on web design and development,, has released their list of the 50 best web design companies naming RazorIT as the third best website design agency for the month of April 2013.


Each month the top performing web design companies are put through a meticulous evaluation process by the independent research team in order to determine which web design companies produce the best overall service. The results of the evaluation are used to construct the rankings each month which businesses refer to when looking for effective web design services.

RazorIT is a website design and web development company which focuses on creating effective websites which feature a stunning user experience and a professional appeal complete with an emotional experience. Their web design solutions are created with various media and audiences in mind to ensure the best fit professional website design for each of their customers. Their web design services have been provided since 2003. In addition to being ranked for their web design services, RazorIT has also achieved the position as the second best web development company and the fourth best reputation management company on

Each month, thousands of web design companies are put to the test through the use of the meticulous evaluation process which delves into the key strengths, weaknesses, and competitive advantages of the top performing website design firms. Through this process five areas of evaluation are used in order to compare and benchmark the performance of the best web design companies based on merit. The five areas of evaluation used to compare web design services include project analysis, design analysis, design quality, stock quality, and ease of access.

In addition to the evaluation process, also connects with client references in order to obtain information directly from the businesses and professionals which have been provided professional website design services from the top ranked agencies. Client references are contacted by the independent research team in order to ensure that clients are satisfied with the services provided to them. Clients are asked various general and specific questions about the services provided to them ranging from inquiring about their communications with the service provider to learning more about how involved they were during the planning and design stages.

RazorIT has earned their position as the third best website design service based on their performance in the meticulous evaluation process and their strong client references. Based on the results of the evaluation process, is confident in the web design services provided by RazorIT.

About is an independent research firm with a dedication to providing a list of the best web design companies and web development firms in the industry. Through meticulous research and developed methods for evaluating and ranking companies, has provided customers of web design and development services with a great resource to find a top performing web design company. Evaluations are carried out by a specialized team of researchers who examine thousands of applicants each month. provides their rankings free of charge to companies and individuals searching for a quality web design firm or looking for other design and development services with updates being provided on the first of each month. The website also provides information and resources for those looking to learn more about web design and development services.


(PRWEB) April 16, 2013



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