SimilarWeb Gets Paid, Previews App Engagement Product.

23:14 Friday Nov 28, 2014


Getting insights for any website or any app is useful for both a business’s internal analytics and optimization efforts, as well as for competitive research.

Naspers and Lord David Alliance must think so too, as the two led a Series D round of $15 million for SimilarWeb, an international competitive intelligence provider. Combined with previous investments, SimilarWeb has raised a total of $40 million since 2009.

Its flagship product, SimilarWebPro, is a paid platform for marketing intelligence that, among other features, enables businesses to see the traffic sources for every website from both desktop and mobile, trending organic and paid keywords, top performing pages and more. On the app side of things, SimilarWebPro provides ranking and ratings for every app, traffic from in-store and external sources, keywords, etc.

Internet professionals who want to get a free digital taste of what SimilarWeb offers, can use enter the URL of any website to see its global rank, monthly visits, time on site and more.

SimilarWeb’s most recent product is still in beta and is a mobile app engagement product that will reveal insights into app usage, engagement and retention. For example, users will be able to see the optimal engagement time by day of week or hour of day for any app on Google Play.


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